Tuesday, 6 September 2016

             On the start line.
              Stress levels rising.
             Heart pumping out of my chest.
             Ignoring everyone.
           Get set GO!!

                arms are moving like a chopper.
              Keep going.
                  Through the river.
              Feet ledning.
             Nearly their.

       GO!! GO!! YES!! GO!!
          I have finished.
            Muscles are getting sore.
           I am still proud though.

By Lucas



Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A New Kitten

A New Kitten

When I went to inter school for swimming, it was my sister's birthday so she had the day off. Esme and my mum came to watch me.After school when I got home I said to Esme “did you get anything?
"yes" said Esme.
I said is an animal?
Yes”said Esme. 
it was a ginger kitten with light ginger stripes.



Moment In Time Mountain Valley Camp

Moment In Time Mountain Valley Camp.

I see trout jumping in the rapids. I hear the rapids in the river as we float down. I small the victory in archery as we led. I wonder if my sister rides the same hours as me. I taste the nice blackberries in my mouth as we finish archery. I small the water from the pond we tested it smelt like fresh water. I hear everyone on my raft yelling in joy. I feel the sharp thorns. I see a horse that looks different to all the others. I wonder if next camp we would do archery. We left camp with a great start until we got into Clive there was a car crash so we had to turn left .There was lots and lots of traffic we could not stand it.


Monday, 11 April 2016

five peoples favorite books

 When I saw the hundreds of book about to be throwing out I felt sad!!!!! and amazed!!                                     favorite books
Cutaway cars
The hardy boys
Charlie R
My maori colours

I got cutaway cars because I love cars and how they're made.
Luke got the book because he wants to know how to ice skate.
Charlie R got the book because he likes the illustrations.
Gus got the book out because his family likes the book.
Daniel got his book out because he likes reading maps.
When I saw the hundreds of book about to be throwing out I felt sad!!!!! and amazed!!!!!!


Ko Lucas ahau.
No Havelock North ahau.
Ko Te Mata te Maunga
Ko Tukituki te awa.

Ko HNPS te kura.